5 Intermediate Toys to Make You Crazy – Asian Escorts Australia

Fetish toys have become well-received these days. You may have already experimented with some beginner toys to pleasure yourself. If you have been successful in that stage, then it’s about time for you to discover the wilder side.

Intermediate fetish sex toys can release the wild side in you. All you have to do is make sure that your sex partner expects it. The ladies of Asian Escorts Australia will be happy to let you explore your sexual fantasies with the use of sex toys. Here are some toys you can play with, as long as she’s willing.

1. Ball gag

If you’re into BDSM, having a ball gag in one’s mouth can heighten sexual arousal. You just have to slowly slide it in and give her a moment to be comfortable before securing the straps. Keep in mind that this ball is not a ‘one size fits all’. So your bet here is to get something that is made from jelly like material to easily fit between her lips.

2. Tweezer nipple clamps

While using nipple clamps can be painful, the tweezer clamps will generally not hurt the one wearing them. Its strength is fully adjustable but it’s recommended that you test it with your fingers first.

To use it, wait until her nipples are fully hard. After that, slip them on as you massage her breasts. Once they’re attached, don’t hesitate to nibble or lick that area. Be careful that you don’t cause the clamps to tighten – unless she wants you to!

3. Ben Wa balls

When Ben Wa balls are used properly, your orgasm will surely sky rocket! This toy involves two weighted metal balls that will create a feeling of vibration once inserted in her pussy. The vibration alone isn’t powerful enough for her to reach orgasm but the muscles contracting around it can.

This takes a lot of practice. But once achieved, the results are overwhelming! These balls can also be used to offset a smaller-sized penis. It simply means that during sex, they create a sensation wherein the vagina is completely filled.

4. Leather tickler

A leather tickler is your ticket to both worlds – pleasure and pain. The soft leather strands can either tickle her body or give her a quick sting with just a flick of the wrist. You can start by tracing her curves with the strands giving her a ticklish feeling.

Once she becomes aroused, the less sensitive her body becomes and she’ll crave for more stimulation. When she’s purring with pleasure, it’s time to flick the tickler across her buttocks or against her outer thigh. If she moans and gasps, that’s the signal to continue.

5. Bondage tape

The bondage tape is not the same with regular tape. Bondage tape is shiny, sexy and self-adhesive. You heard it right! This will not stick to her body and won’t get stuck in her hair. There won’t be any problem in removing it.

Use the tape to tie her legs, wrists or ankles. Since you’re with an experienced escort, you can do it like a pro by creating fetish wear – halter tops, miniskirts and bras. It’s time to let your imagination run wild!

These toys will certainly heat things up in the bedroom. You’ll even be surprised on how aroused the two of you will become. Just master the pattern and surely your sex goddess will purr the night away. What are you waiting for? Fulfil your wet and erotic fantasises through Asian Escorts Australia. Visit their gallery now!

Asian Escorts Australia – From a Romantic Date to Great Sex

Hi there, it’s me – the one and only Sex Empress – Jasmine Jaro. For those who don’t know me, I am a highly reviewed Australian escort with a substantial reputation. In my world, men don’t just pay for lustful sex but to achieve their innermost desires.

Yes, I make their sexual fantasies come true and satisfy every part of their being. The girls of Asian Escorts Australia will surely agree if I say that we take pleasure to a whole new level. We help dreams become reality – a gorgeous woman you can see, touch, smell, hear and taste.

That same woman will submerge your sexual desires into a pool of ecstasy. Hey baby, you just know I’m the one you have to meet. I would describe my service as a GFE / PSE experience. Nice but naughty one might say.

Let me help you transform an ordinary night into one of the best (if not the best) of your life. Let’s start with a romantic date and indulge in great sex afterwards. With my years of experience, here’s my list of favourite sexy activities.

1. Upscale Hotel Room

Bring a woman to an upscale hotel room and you’ll be greatly rewarded (you know what I mean). When clients book me on tour, we often stay on luxurious hotels that spice up the romantic time in bed. I mean, with a bed that big, imagine the positions you can do.

Sometimes, when the environment is unfamiliar, we tend to feel adventurous and playful. There was a time when the room we got has a really nice Jacuzzi tub, we did it right there and then. I felt so good about the place just thinking about it turns me on.

2. Role Playing and Costumes

What can I say, role playing is exciting! Plus, I love wearing those sexy leather pieces. To tell you the truth, I’m really sweet and normally reserved but role playing brings out the daring side of me. I can release the dominatrix within and be the Sex Empress I’m destined to be.

I remember, once I put on a sexy nurse outfit for my client and he really loved it. He was a very naughty patient so I tied him up and gave him a dose of medicine he’ll never forget. I tell you, he felt so much better afterwards. Are you a naughty boy too?

3. Bedroom Foods

Sure it can be a bit messy but mixing food and sex is every man’s dream. Think of it as a sex toy, only it’s edible. Sometimes I use fruits like grapes or cherries and other bite-size fruits to keep the mood sexual. Back then I put whipped cream on top of my breasts and let my client lick it off.

I also discovered that ice chips can do wonders to the senses. I can’t forget the time when a client of mine put a cube in his mouth and glided it down by back, my nipples and onto my clitoris. It felt so good I moaned so loud.

I still have a lot of experiences to share which made me appreciate this profession even more. But I’ll write about them next time. How about sharing your fantasies with me babe? Let’s see if I can make them come true. Come see me and the other girls of Asian Escorts Australia and fall in love with our stunning bodies.

5 Kinky Positions you’ll Try with Asian Escorts Australia

Are you sick of the same old routines and positions when it comes to having sex? Do you think your lady is not getting that orgasm she deserves? Or you just want to spice up your life with new sex position? Well, it’s time for you try these kinky sex positions that will surely keep you on your toes!

If you’re thinking who would be willing enough to share these erotic positions you, then there’s nothing to worry about. Asian Escorts Australia has all the women that will take you to places and will make sure that every wet and kinky fantasy you have will be granted.

Asian Escorts Aaustralia

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Here are some of the positions that you should never miss when you’re with an escort.

1. Up against the wall

This is one of the classics since you don’t have to lift someone in the air to make it hot. By just being pushed on the wall while having both your feet on the floor can still have a powerful effect. To make this position more orgasmic, add some hair gripping! Surely you’ll feel that this is one of the most intense positions in you ever done.

2. Woman bent over the bed and under a blanket

This is one is the easiest and most fun stance for any couple. If the weather is cold, she can stay warm under the blanket while he is thrusting his cock from her behind. But for other couples, this is best when the temperature is hot since this can result to a hot and heavy sex.

3. Man lying on his back while the woman is kneeling over his face

This is one of the dominant positions for oral sex as the woman will really take control over the situation. She has the ability to raise or lower herself over his mouth to direct the exact stimulation that she wants. If she is having trouble finding her balance, she could just lean against the wall. How easy is that?

4. Mutual masturbation

You start by lying down or face each other so that there’s room for the both of you to see and feel what it’s like during solo time. You can leave the lights on or have a scarf cover a lamp. You might even have candles in the room as long as you put it somewhere safe.

The fun starts when you’re looking at each other while being sexual. You will have the best view of how your partner touches herself. But it doesn’t stop there, once you’re done pleasuring yourself, you can now touch each other until both you reaches orgasm. Tempting, right?

5. Over the knee

This might be considered a pre-sex position, but it’s still on the list of kinky and sexy. You don’t have to worry if this stance is slightly vulnerable since being sexually defenceless can be a turn on.

Over the knee is one of the best sex positions for manual stimulation, as you can reach her through ‘bent over body’ for a naughty rub. And guess what, you have a chance for a soft or hard spanking! Sounds kinky?

Are your aroused enough by just reading through these kinky sex positions? If you are, then don’t waste your time! Go ahead and book you’re very own sex goddess from Asian Escorts Australia. Whether you’re a local here in Australia or just visiting for a business trip, don’t forget to visit your sexual wonderland with these lovely ladies.

Asian Escort Australia: Australia’s Sexiest and Most Prestigious Award

The fire is burning high for the most prestigious awards show in the adult entertainment industry. Brace yourself and know who is hotter, sexier and best of them all.

From Asian escorts Australia, strippers, adult retail shops, film and video production, gentlemen’s club, adult party –everything that deals with the adult industry is on a tight race in the world of escorts.

Business owners grab this opportunity and strive hard to bring home the award to boost their online and real presence in the industry.

Asian Escorts Australia

Asian Escorts Australia

The purpose of this grandiose event is for the industry to legitimize its existence. Winners will own a logo that will be used as a “badge of honour” that symbolizes pride for quality business.

The advantage of being a part of this competition is to let your business be known in the mainstream market. Most businesses that deals with the adult industry claims that they are the best among the best.

Nonetheless, here in the Australia Adult Industry Awards, that claim will now be proven. So, who are recognized as the most valuable asset in Australia’s adult entertainment industry for this year’s awards?



Here are some of the winners for AAIA 2013:

•    Best Adult Website
Private Girl Australia

•    Best Striptease Agencies
Strip –A-Rama-Melbourne Strippers and Showgirls

•    Best Escort Sole Operator
Christine McQueen

•    Best Adult Magazines/Newspapers
Australian Penthouse Magazine

•    Best Female Stripper

•    Best Gentlemen’s Club
Gold fingers

The nomination is free. Hence, better prepare yourself for another round of Australia Adult Industry Award in 2014. Choose whose escorting businesses made you feel special through stunning and talented Asian escorts Australia that will make your stay a very pleasant and most memorable one.

Method of voting is in a form of a public forum. Voting method is done either through email, petition, and normal mail. The nominees are given the updates on their status of the competition.

What are you waiting for? Choose whom you think promotes excellence in the adult entertainment industry and be part of the Australian Adult Industry Awards for 2014. Vote now.

Asian Escorts Australia: Be Sensually Satisfied With the Empress

Asian Escorts Australia


I am businessman and used to visit Australia from time to time due to business appointments with my clients. I really don’t have enough time to unwind during business trip since most of my time spent in my hotel room, preparing for my business presentations. But when my Aussie buddy Baz introduce me to the world or escort service, my whole itinerary change from ordinary to the extraordinary. Since then, visiting Australia has never been boring….

One thing is apparent on the aforementioned, that Australia has its own capability to allure true gentlemen inside and out. We are not referring to the Opera House and Harbour Bridge; we are talking about Asian Escorts Australia, where bodily pleasure becomes a reality.

Let me draw you near The Empress. She is an attractive and elegant Asian courtesan that definitely loves to caresses you underneath to a full orgasmic fantasy.

Endure and taste every single drop of lustful pleasure until your body will submerge to the level of ecstasy.

You will surely be delighted with The Empress, when her curvy smoking hot body, covered only with sexy lingerie and luscious pair of legs wrapped around your body locking you whirlwind of lustful emotional excitement. Can you feel the tension down there?

Indeed, let The Empress feed your innermost need for sexual satisfaction — let her touch you, caress you, hold you and own you in bed.

Nevertheless, there is no need to rush things. Since she loves to talk and listen to people, begin with a good glass of wine or have a fine dining as you talk everything and anything under the night sky.

If you are interested with The Empress, you can visit the girl’s gallery and fall in love with her stunning gorgeous body.

If you want to know more about her, then read her profile and reviews and be astonished on how she can blow your mind completely in bed.

When you visit Australia, don’t just think about the beautiful scenic spots or stick to your uneventful business workload, try an extraordinary ride where both pleasure and calming experience collide here at Asian Escorts Australia, so what are you waiting now, book for an appointment with The Empress.