Asian Escorts Australia – From a Romantic Date to Great Sex

Hi there, it’s me – the one and only Sex Empress – Jasmine Jaro. For those who don’t know me, I am a highly reviewed Australian escort with a substantial reputation. In my world, men don’t just pay for lustful sex but to achieve their innermost desires.

Yes, I make their sexual fantasies come true and satisfy every part of their being. The girls of Asian Escorts Australia will surely agree if I say that we take pleasure to a whole new level. We help dreams become reality – a gorgeous woman you can see, touch, smell, hear and taste.

That same woman will submerge your sexual desires into a pool of ecstasy. Hey baby, you just know I’m the one you have to meet. I would describe my service as a GFE / PSE experience. Nice but naughty one might say.

Let me help you transform an ordinary night into one of the best (if not the best) of your life. Let’s start with a romantic date and indulge in great sex afterwards. With my years of experience, here’s my list of favourite sexy activities.

1. Upscale Hotel Room

Bring a woman to an upscale hotel room and you’ll be greatly rewarded (you know what I mean). When clients book me on tour, we often stay on luxurious hotels that spice up the romantic time in bed. I mean, with a bed that big, imagine the positions you can do.

Sometimes, when the environment is unfamiliar, we tend to feel adventurous and playful. There was a time when the room we got has a really nice Jacuzzi tub, we did it right there and then. I felt so good about the place just thinking about it turns me on.

2. Role Playing and Costumes

What can I say, role playing is exciting! Plus, I love wearing those sexy leather pieces. To tell you the truth, I’m really sweet and normally reserved but role playing brings out the daring side of me. I can release the dominatrix within and be the Sex Empress I’m destined to be.

I remember, once I put on a sexy nurse outfit for my client and he really loved it. He was a very naughty patient so I tied him up and gave him a dose of medicine he’ll never forget. I tell you, he felt so much better afterwards. Are you a naughty boy too?

3. Bedroom Foods

Sure it can be a bit messy but mixing food and sex is every man’s dream. Think of it as a sex toy, only it’s edible. Sometimes I use fruits like grapes or cherries and other bite-size fruits to keep the mood sexual. Back then I put whipped cream on top of my breasts and let my client lick it off.

I also discovered that ice chips can do wonders to the senses. I can’t forget the time when a client of mine put a cube in his mouth and glided it down by back, my nipples and onto my clitoris. It felt so good I moaned so loud.

I still have a lot of experiences to share which made me appreciate this profession even more. But I’ll write about them next time. How about sharing your fantasies with me babe? Let’s see if I can make them come true. Come see me and the other girls of Asian Escorts Australia and fall in love with our stunning bodies.