Asian Escort Australia: Australia’s Sexiest and Most Prestigious Award

The fire is burning high for the most prestigious awards show in the adult entertainment industry. Brace yourself and know who is hotter, sexier and best of them all.

From Asian escorts Australia, strippers, adult retail shops, film and video production, gentlemen’s club, adult party –everything that deals with the adult industry is on a tight race in the world of escorts.

Business owners grab this opportunity and strive hard to bring home the award to boost their online and real presence in the industry.

Asian Escorts Australia

Asian Escorts Australia

The purpose of this grandiose event is for the industry to legitimize its existence. Winners will own a logo that will be used as a “badge of honour” that symbolizes pride for quality business.

The advantage of being a part of this competition is to let your business be known in the mainstream market. Most businesses that deals with the adult industry claims that they are the best among the best.

Nonetheless, here in the Australia Adult Industry Awards, that claim will now be proven. So, who are recognized as the most valuable asset in Australia’s adult entertainment industry for this year’s awards?



Here are some of the winners for AAIA 2013:

•    Best Adult Website
Private Girl Australia

•    Best Striptease Agencies
Strip –A-Rama-Melbourne Strippers and Showgirls

•    Best Escort Sole Operator
Christine McQueen

•    Best Adult Magazines/Newspapers
Australian Penthouse Magazine

•    Best Female Stripper

•    Best Gentlemen’s Club
Gold fingers

The nomination is free. Hence, better prepare yourself for another round of Australia Adult Industry Award in 2014. Choose whose escorting businesses made you feel special through stunning and talented Asian escorts Australia that will make your stay a very pleasant and most memorable one.

Method of voting is in a form of a public forum. Voting method is done either through email, petition, and normal mail. The nominees are given the updates on their status of the competition.

What are you waiting for? Choose whom you think promotes excellence in the adult entertainment industry and be part of the Australian Adult Industry Awards for 2014. Vote now.