5 Intermediate Toys to Make You Crazy – Asian Escorts Australia

Fetish toys have become well-received these days. You may have already experimented with some beginner toys to pleasure yourself. If you have been successful in that stage, then it’s about time for you to discover the wilder side.

Intermediate fetish sex toys can release the wild side in you. All you have to do is make sure that your sex partner expects it. The ladies of Asian Escorts Australia will be happy to let you explore your sexual fantasies with the use of sex toys. Here are some toys you can play with, as long as she’s willing.

1. Ball gag

If you’re into BDSM, having a ball gag in one’s mouth can heighten sexual arousal. You just have to slowly slide it in and give her a moment to be comfortable before securing the straps. Keep in mind that this ball is not a ‘one size fits all’. So your bet here is to get something that is made from jelly like material to easily fit between her lips.

2. Tweezer nipple clamps

While using nipple clamps can be painful, the tweezer clamps will generally not hurt the one wearing them. Its strength is fully adjustable but it’s recommended that you test it with your fingers first.

To use it, wait until her nipples are fully hard. After that, slip them on as you massage her breasts. Once they’re attached, don’t hesitate to nibble or lick that area. Be careful that you don’t cause the clamps to tighten – unless she wants you to!

3. Ben Wa balls

When Ben Wa balls are used properly, your orgasm will surely sky rocket! This toy involves two weighted metal balls that will create a feeling of vibration once inserted in her pussy. The vibration alone isn’t powerful enough for her to reach orgasm but the muscles contracting around it can.

This takes a lot of practice. But once achieved, the results are overwhelming! These balls can also be used to offset a smaller-sized penis. It simply means that during sex, they create a sensation wherein the vagina is completely filled.

4. Leather tickler

A leather tickler is your ticket to both worlds – pleasure and pain. The soft leather strands can either tickle her body or give her a quick sting with just a flick of the wrist. You can start by tracing her curves with the strands giving her a ticklish feeling.

Once she becomes aroused, the less sensitive her body becomes and she’ll crave for more stimulation. When she’s purring with pleasure, it’s time to flick the tickler across her buttocks or against her outer thigh. If she moans and gasps, that’s the signal to continue.

5. Bondage tape

The bondage tape is not the same with regular tape. Bondage tape is shiny, sexy and self-adhesive. You heard it right! This will not stick to her body and won’t get stuck in her hair. There won’t be any problem in removing it.

Use the tape to tie her legs, wrists or ankles. Since you’re with an experienced escort, you can do it like a pro by creating fetish wear – halter tops, miniskirts and bras. It’s time to let your imagination run wild!

These toys will certainly heat things up in the bedroom. You’ll even be surprised on how aroused the two of you will become. Just master the pattern and surely your sex goddess will purr the night away. What are you waiting for? Fulfil your wet and erotic fantasises through Asian Escorts Australia. Visit their gallery now!